Sometimes I wish I could drink like a sailor

Not to make light of those who suffer from the affliction of alcoholism, but I tell ya, life would be much easier if I had the ability to booze it up all the time. Coming home from work, drinking a Gin & Tonic or some other drink glamorized in movie’s from the 1950’s. “Had a rough day sweetie?”  Just drink it into oblivion! But the Gods didn’t bless/curse me with those genes.

One of my girlfriend’s (Red, obviously a ginger) she’s got the genes! That girl can tie one on & you would never know. Corporate ass-kicker, jet-setter, hipster & boozer all-in-one. Then she can never touch the stuff for months – even years! I can’t say I don’t envy her just a little. She needs to donate her body to science just so we can see what awesome enzyme she’s got going on in that liver. But me, one wild night & I’m kissing the porcelain god. It’s kinda lame but the upside is I’m a cheap date.

For me, I can forget about the hard stuff & beer just makes you fart. Red Wine stains my teeth & gives me a migraine, so I’m left with all the white stuff. That’s right, White Wine, Champagne or any other form of it (Cava, Prosecco). And not just any white wine. It’s gotta be a Pinot Gris or Sauvage Blanc. No Chardonnay please (it’s not 2 in the afternoon, I don’t own a toy poodle & I’m not wearing a housecoat). Only the above mentioned are safe. Anything else will induce at least 2 days worth of misery.

Why am I telling you this? Oh – yeah, today was that kinda day. Well, not really…it’s just much more dramatic to tell you I had a rough day. In fact it was pretty much a normal Tuesday…still wish I could drink like a sailor.



(photo: Happy Hour Friday: Italian Soda Pop set design


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