The Sun Always Shines on TV…

..but not here in the Northwest. And you know what? Shhhhh – don’t tell anyone but that’s ok with me.

We here in our part of the land like to bitch about the weather. It’s either to hot, to cold, to rainy, to whatever. We like it at between 68-74 degrees. Some a little hotter – some a little cooler, but that’s about the range we like it. Anything hotter makes my boobs sweat, which in return makes them itch & let’s face it – that’s just not a good look.

I’ve always loved the dark (maybe I’m part vampire?). In the dark all things magical can happen from blowout parties, to moonlit walks on the beach. You revel in time spent alone & sexy times with a friend – all to me much better in the dark. Sure I like to come out of my cave every once in awhile but given the option of sunlight all the time or darkness – I’d go with the night. Hell you can buy sunlamps if you need a boost of happy.

All that being said, I’m pretty sure I lack in the crucial vitamin D we all need, but hey – that’s what supplements are for…


(photo from Teddy Newton’s short for Pixar –  Night & Day)



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“Somebody Slipped Me A Mickey™…and I woke up middle-aged,” is about a 40-something Gen X’er who woke-up one day & couldn’t find her husband or children (probably because she forgot to have them), where she came from & where the hell she’s going. Her name may or may not be Kate & she may or may not live in the Pacific Northwest. She, for-sure is middle-aged & awesome! View all posts by somebodyslippedmeamickey

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