Show me to the dance floor!

One of my most favorite things in life is dancing. Dancing is my meditation & my grounding. When I’m not dancing my life kinda goes to shit, basically because I hate to meditate & I hate grounding myself. When I dance I get out of my head, go with the music and everything flows.

I’ve always been a dancer but never REALLY formally trained until 2008 & I took-up ballroom dancing. From when I was little I always envied the girls that got to take ballet, tap & jazz. They were just to expensive & my parents were young and just starting out. So they did their best & signed us up for “parks department classes,” but the just weren’t the same. I really longed for that black leotard & pink tights. But no matter – I still danced, which made me happy. And I was good (still am).

Fast forward to 14 years old. Welcome to the 80’s and teen dance clubs. Oh Lord – to think I was in a dance club at 14 kinda freaks me out now, but I was always with my best friend (16 at the time) and always looked after. My parents only allowed this because there were older kids watching out for me & I don’t really think they got the concept of teen dance clubs. I think they thought we were at a school dance every weekend (some weekends we were!). And it really was never about anything else except the music & dancing. Ok – maybe about meeting all my friends and the cute outfits I’d bought with my paper route money, but not really about partying or anything like that. We were the first one’s there & last to leave. Those are some of the best times of my life and when I travel to the “hereafter” I fully expect a dance floor to be waiting for me.

In high school I was a cheerleader & on drill team, so I got my groove on there! But by the time I hit my late 20’s clubs were a thing of the past. Mostly because most of my friends had moved on to marriages and other activities, plus you really don’t want to be that “old broad” hanging out with 21 year olds. So I hung up my dance shoes. Sure the occasional aerobic & jazzercise  class crept in there but it just wasn’t the same.

Then in 2008 I took my first ballroom class. I loved it from the get go. It took me awhile to catch on. Mostly because I was use to making up my own routines & not being lead on the dance floor. I was a notorious back leader (still am at times). Plus it was a bit of a metaphor for life. I was always out there making my own way and here I had to give up control & be lead. Ladies, there’s nothing like being lead in a nice Foxtrot or Waltz. It’s like you’re gliding on the floor.

My favorites are the Latin Dances (Cha Cha, Samba, Mambo, etc).  Where else can you dance like a stripper & be totally respected for it?

Dancing is good for the soul. It reminds you of youth, freedom and most of all brings you happiness…




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