The Kindness of Strangers via Twitter

Today in my timeline I saw that it was Nick’s birthday, so I sent him a quick, “Happy Birthday Nick! Have a fantastic day 🙂  I also sent him a quick “tweet.” …I’ve never met Nick.

I can’t remember the details of how I found Nick on Twitter (or maybe he found me?). I think it had to do with his movie that was making the festival rounds (now – I’ve never seen his movie either), but I instantly liked him just from his “tweets.” He just seemed like a nice guy, plus I’m a bleeding heart for anyone starting out in the business (film/television/media). Young, eager & not yet jaded.

I would occasionally ask how his film was going and offer “tweets,” of encouragement. He would always “tweet,” back. No long conversations (well that’s a bit tough with a 140 character limit) just checking in – making sure everything’s going well.

I have 3 “Twitter Friends,” that I share this M.O. with. Matt, Sammy & Nick. Matt makes YouTube videos, Sammy (I think?) works in a  cosmetic shop in London & Nick makes films. We don’t “really” know each other. We only see snippets of each other’s lives, through filtered “tweets,” on the internet. But oddly enough, these 3 have shown up & checked in when most needed.

“Haven’t seen your tweets in a while – hope you’re doing well.” “How ya doin’ Luv?” – that would be the Brit, she’s very sweet – “Miss your tweets, Luv!” It’s interesting how one line from a stranger can make you feel instantly awesome. Why? Because someone you barely know, thinks enough about you to check-in & say Hi. And that makes you feel wonderful. Hell, I have people on my “FB,” page who I haven’t said a peep since the day I added them to my “Friends List,” and I’ve actually had dinner’s, relationship’s, etc with them.

I haven’t tweeted much lately. Mostly because I have a crap phone, who’s memory card is full with games, puzzle’s & other toddler apps for my adorable niece, who’s crazy smart & a tech genius at the old age of 2. But I do make a point to log-in to my account every once in a while to check in with Matt, Sammy & Nick.

…and sometimes even wish them a Happy Birthday.


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