Comments Crack Me Up!

I’ve got a mole on my arm that has a red ring around it. I wasn’t to freaked because it doesn’t have the jagged edge or any of those suspicious things, but wanted to “google” it just to make sure. I put in:

“raised mole with red ring”

I found on Yahoo answers the question, “I have a mole on my chest with a red ring it. Should I ask the doctor or let it be? 

The first answer was very helpful. “Usually it’s not indicative on anything serious….yada yada yada – but you might want to check it out.” Then lots of links to medical sites.

The second one had me rolling.

“Is it a nipple?” 

The the third

“Oh yeah, that’s your nipple. You should have one on the other side.” 

Some of the best comedy I’ve seen in years has been these one liners you see on websites in the comments section. YouTube is notorious. I always picture some bored, smart-ass, teenager sitting in his electronic command center (usually in the basement of his mother’s house), just waiting to unleash his comic genius. One line of pure brilliance.

Now I’m not talking about “trolls,” who just look to bash on everything out there. Or people who are just down right mean. My favorite has to be the “movie review snob,” who just likes to see themselves write. It’s like, “Come on dude – it’s Independence Day. It’s not meant to be an Oscar winner.”

I’m talking about that “smart-ass,” at the party, who walks in, just at the right time and breaks up a boring conversation with a witty one liner. They have this wonderful ability to shift energy in the room. My favorites are those people that plan sneak attacks, drop their bomb & off they go – all mysterious like.

So here’s to you, “Smart-ass Comments Dude (Dude’et)!” You crack me up & make me smile but most of all – you make my day 🙂


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