Glee Ruined the 80’s aka No more 80’s Themed Parties Please!

Now I liked Glee when it first came out. How could you not. The combination of genius Ryan Murphy & brilliant casting of Jane Lynch made it refreshing, hilarious & wonderful. But by season 2, I think most of us were over it. At least I was. Instead of enjoyment & reminiscing to songs from Journey & The Pretenders, I started, “not believing,” I’d ever love those songs again.

Which brings me to “80’s Themed Parties.” Nobody loved the 80’s more than I did. I was at the top of my game. High School, popular, happy & still able to scarf down 2 or more Big Mac’s while maintaining an anorexic’s dream weight (no hurling needed). But by my senior year I was more than happy to let go & move on with my life. The 90’s were here & grunge was in. I traded in my neon for flannel, cut-off baggy 501’s over tights & Combat Boots. No more need to primp all day just throw on some grungy clothes and I was ready.  All to the soundtrack of Soundgarden, L7 & 7 year Bitch. Matter-of-fact, Cameron Crowe and the movie, “Singles,” summed it up best.  I was Bridget Fonda, chasing the wrong guys, waiting for them to call, all while thinking I was an old maid at 23.

But no sooner had I left the 80’s, that I started getting invites to “80’s themed parties & it hasn’t stopped. There isn’t a month that goes by that there’s not an “80’s BBQ or Roller Skating Party.” What shall I pull out of my hat this time? Madonna inspired or perhaps I’ll be a “Prep” this time & rock the pastel Izod & boat shoes? I’m running out of ideas. Plus it took a long time to get ready in the 80’s. Did I really spend an hour or more on make-up & hair back then? It takes a while to tease those bangs right.

But my fellow “Gen Xer’s,” just don’t want to give it up. I’ve had 20 years of 80’s themed parties. It’s time to AT LEAST move on to the 90’s. Plus I’d like to bust out my velvet baby doll dresses & some Doc Martens….maybe listen to some “Thowing Muses.”



(photo: from the movie Singles on )


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