Your Pheromones make me nuts!

I’ve got a thing about smells. Something’s jacked up in my sinuses that has given me a hyper sense of smell ever since I could remember. Which makes it a blessing & a curse. Blessing when I walk into a bakery or Pizzeria in Italy and curse when I walk into a smelly locker room.

People smells are something that have gotten worse in the last few years, which has really put a damper on my dating life. I’m not a cologne kinda gal. It gives me a sore throat within minutes. I like my men fresh & clean from the shower.

The “smell thing,” was big a few years ago when I dated two men back-to-back. First came “Crazy Johnny.” John was in finances, I’m convinced bi-polar, and a total…hmmm – what’s a good word for him? Not asshole – he was more of a “prick.” Although handsome, he totally wasn’t my type. Short, cocky & in much need of a “mute,” switch. The guy was hilarious – I do give him that. His bizarre behavior was that of hit sitcoms.

On our first date I was already planning my escape, 10 min. in. But then we went outside to appease the “nicotine gods” & next thing I know, he make’s his move. WOW – I haven’t had a good make-out like that in YEARS! Hand holding head, soft lips & just the right of shiver down my spine. And his smell…

What the right pheromones will make a girl do. He would just kiss my forehead & it would make me want to “pass-out.” Tingles of joy & excitement sparked by a single peck. Of course he would say something “pricky,” 5 min. later & whitewash that dreamy feeling, but I didn’t care. I was addicted & pheromones were my crack.

What came next was a realization how people mistake “pheromones,” for love. When I was with him I was like, “Wow – I could totally tell this guy I love him,” but I was fully conscious that I didn’t & it this was all biological. There was no love there. How could there be? We argued all the time. Like teenage lover’s after the basketball game. No there was just pheromones & addiction. At 38 years old I realized, this is the stuff that turns into what I call “crazy love.” I had to break the addiction.

Luckily it ended as quickly as it started & I was actually saved by a “true prince charming.” A man who was probably one of the best boyfriend’s I’ve had in recent years. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the right “pheromones,” and what came after was a lesson in what happens when you can’t make-up your mind about what you want in a relationship….but that’s a story for another day 😉





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