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Apocalyptic Pretty

Currently I’m watching the new show, “Revolution.” I’d love to tell you it’s because of its awesome story lines & excellent caliber of acting, but mostly it’s narcissistic reasons. Mainly because one of the lead character’s an old buddy of one of my ex-boyfriend’s & I like to torture myself by having a constant reminder that, “you’ll never be more important than his film,” blasted at me for an hour each week…never date a director, especially an “Indy” one.

Anyway, I’m watching the screen & the protagonist, Charlie comes on the screen. All I could think was, “Isn’t it funny how everybody looks so pretty post Apocalyptic?” 

That’s right! ” The Walking Dead, Falling Skies, Jericho, Survivors…” oh and “Lost,” we can’t forget (or at least I can’t) how pretty Ian Somerhalder is. Swoon.

Ok, so “Lost,” may not be post-apocalyptic, but every day amenities are not readily available.  I always think stuff like, “Wow, where do you get your brows waxed or those clam shells sure do a damn good job at shaving his chest!” I even think, “wow, I’d like to loot some of those abandon stores for those outfits they’re wearing.” 

I wonder if we’d tune-in if everyone was skanky every week? All chicks had hairy armpits ala Nena 1983 & the leading man’s teeth were rotten & half missing?

hmmm, I gather probably not. We like realism – kinda –  in our movies (think Mad Max, Thunderdome & all that stinky glory coming through the screen), but not so much on a weekly basis.

Well, if it does go to hell in a hand-basket, I don’t know if I want to make through…I don’t know if I can keep up with the pretty 😉

– Kate



Currently nursing some serious “writer’s block.” Hmmm, but that would mean I’m a writer….yeahhhh – not really one of those.  “Blogger’s Block,” that’s better, that’s what I’ve got, “Blogger’s Block.”

Been racking my brain, trying to think of a subject to write about. Not that a million thoughts or ideas run through it constantly, but what’s deemed a “stroke of genius in 5 pm. gridlock,” no longer interests me by the time I’ve walked through the door.

But I could blog about…

Yep – nope…Oh – look. “New Girl’s on!”

Yeah, I’ll think I’ll leave it for another day.

– Kate

Caught You! Follow-up to “Rage Against the Road

On Sept. 6th, I wrote a post, Rage Against the Road and the death of Yancy Noll. I’m glad to say, a suspect has been arrested.  The link below is the King 5 News report.

– Kate

King 5 Man arrested in Seattle fatal road rage shooting

Who are you?

I was going through a box of old photos & postcards looking for something today and I came across this postcard dated, March 3rd, 1998…

Bon Jour Kate, 

I hope all is well in Bon Land. Paris is wonderful and I’m trying to see as much of it as possible. I’m not doing any modeling though. I can’t seem to walk through the door. I’m too scared. I’m doing this on such a whim that I never really thought it through. I’m going to London to stay with my sister and hopefully having friends around will encourage me to do it. If not I’ll be back soon. 

(drawn heart) Bill 

…who the “eff” is Bill?

Did I make out with you once in a drunken stupor? Did we work together? Or worse – did we actually date for a time?

I have no idea. There are clues in the above post. “Bon Land,” referring to the department store I use to work at, The Bon Marche. Work?

Something about modeling. I was a model (ha – if you could call “Mall & Hair Fashion Shows” modeling, sure – I did that). Were we in a show together? I dated a couple models but one IS French & was very happily married in 1998. And the rest? Well, let’s just say I “really,” wasn’t  their type.

Wow, he must fancy himself quite dashing if he’s heading all the way to France to model & then pussy out at the end. There wasssss that one….

Nope – I got nothing.

Funny how are memory falters as we age & then near the very end, we can recite a complete lesson we learned in school, on a specific day in the 2nd grade.

…hmmm – drawn heart….for sure to not playing for my team 😉

– Kate

Babysitter Down! Mo, will you please stop throwing up…

Elenore & Maureen are the adorable creatures placed in my charge Wednesday night. Ellie, akin to a miniature 4th grade Eddie Haskel. And then there’s Mo…

Mo, is the child I never had but for sure, the universe would have given to me. She’s feisty, smart & absolutely hilarious. She’s kinda like an old lady in a 2nd graders body. She demands your absolute attention at all times. And no cooking is allowed unless Chef Mo is involved.


I look forward to babysitting the girls, but alas, things were array from the moment I step foot into their house the other night.

Mo:  (scream/crying talking to Mama Bear on the phone) “AHHHHHHHHH – I WANT YOU TO COME HOME!!!! WHY CAN’T YOU COME HOOOOOOMMMMME!!!!”

Holden: (Middle school kid I was taking over for – whispering softly) “She’s been like that for an hour.”

Obviously, the shit was going down. Somewhere in the midst of all this, Holden profusely thanked me for saving him & hightailed it out of there, I checked on Ellie quietly “Kickin’ it,” with the Disney Channel, I was attacked my an over sized chest/table with lots of metal hardware (Babysitter Down!) & pow wowed on the phone with Mama Bear on her plans.

Next is what happens when you, “commit to the cry.”

Mo had moved shop to Mama Bears bed. Poor kid, she looked liked she’d just been through the ringer. I tried to comfort her & tell her how excited I was to hangout with her & her sister, but she wasn’t having it. Now, she had already been crying loudly for the previous hour to my arrival, so now it was lots of “lip trembling & whimpering.”

After naming off a plethora of fun games and activities we were going to do (in a sad attempt at bribing a child to feel better), there was just a moment when the tide “almost,” turned, a moment of hope where I could see she was thinking, “hey, that sounds kinda fun!”

But then, I instantly recognized the look in her eye. She was going for Gold. I, myself have used that tactic in my formal childhood, which is what made it so easily recognizable. That look that says, “I’ve gone this far & I can’t go back now. I gotta take it all the way!” More scream/cry, more, “I WANT MY MOOOOOOMMMM,”

…and then she threw up.

She quickly threw in the towel after that.  And like a drunk college Freshmen’s best friend, I cleaned her up, gave her water to hydrate & threw her in bed to sleep off the “cry.”  Mo, to tired to protest.

Gotta love the kid’s commitment…

– Kate












Heather Artena Hughes

Heather Artena Hughes

A very sad day today with passing of a beloved Seattle actress. You may remember her as the dazzling Debbie & her hilarious dabbling into early 90’s video dating in the movie, “Singles.”

This morning, Heather Artena Hughes lost her battle with cancer, just shy of her 45th birthday. A tremendous loss for the city of Seattle & the theater community. You will be missed…

– Kate

(link above to The Stranger Slog & scene from Singles)


I found Matt Koval when I was working on a radio segment that covered new media, web series, shorts on the internet, etc. I came across this short film, which is very different from his hilarious web series, “The Fuplers.”

I encourage you all to take 4 min. out of your day & watch this powerful short film in remembrance of all those who perished that fateful day 11 years ago.
I cry every time I watch…

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