Who are you?

I was going through a box of old photos & postcards looking for something today and I came across this postcard dated, March 3rd, 1998…

Bon Jour Kate, 

I hope all is well in Bon Land. Paris is wonderful and I’m trying to see as much of it as possible. I’m not doing any modeling though. I can’t seem to walk through the door. I’m too scared. I’m doing this on such a whim that I never really thought it through. I’m going to London to stay with my sister and hopefully having friends around will encourage me to do it. If not I’ll be back soon. 

(drawn heart) Bill 

…who the “eff” is Bill?

Did I make out with you once in a drunken stupor? Did we work together? Or worse – did we actually date for a time?

I have no idea. There are clues in the above post. “Bon Land,” referring to the department store I use to work at, The Bon Marche. Work?

Something about modeling. I was a model (ha – if you could call “Mall & Hair Fashion Shows” modeling, sure – I did that). Were we in a show together? I dated a couple models but one IS French & was very happily married in 1998. And the rest? Well, let’s just say I “really,” wasn’t  their type.

Wow, he must fancy himself quite dashing if he’s heading all the way to France to model & then pussy out at the end. There wasssss that one….

Nope – I got nothing.

Funny how are memory falters as we age & then near the very end, we can recite a complete lesson we learned in school, on a specific day in the 2nd grade.

…hmmm – drawn heart….for sure to not playing for my team 😉

– Kate






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