Forever Young

This weekend marked a quarter of a century since I graduated from the land of “Heathers.” I must say, it probably was one of the best reunions we’ve had since I dawned that High School cap & gown.

Old friends, like time stood still. There must be something good in the water in my hometown (or maybe it’s just my perspective) but most of my classmates have aged pretty well. Sure a bit plumper, some less hair & a few wrinkles, but still recognizable.

But the most important thing is that you can still see the teenager in their eyes. The memory of youth, being invincible and the ability to take on the world. It’s funny how quickly your sense memory kicks in & that personality you once had before bills, divorces, kids & the world kicked in. Friendships picked-up right where they left off.

It was a great turn out. At least 1/2 our class showed up. Which is pretty impressive considering 30% of our class didn’t graduate. Let’s just say we had some really good sports teams that didn’t translate into good grades, but it did get us to state (where we loss…ohhh so many football players crying in one place).

I love my classmates. They keep it real – at least for me. Even though it’s been decades since I’ve seen some, they still know me better than most. Call me out on my crap & commend me on my accomplishments. Nothing gets over them because they knew me when.

And it will be that way until we no longer recognize each other…except for glint of a teenager, still left in our eyes.

– Kate

Hiding in the midst of my classmates. Please forgive the “spooky eyes!”


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