Tattoo You

There’s a new gal at our neighborhood java joint – her name escapes me now – but I was struck by how pretty she was. Raven hair, tall, ice blue eyes & milky white skin. If I was casting a movie I would hire her in a minute. But what was also striking about her was that she had full sleeve tattoos on both arms. At 22, not only does that make her “rad,” in my eyes but also quite a hip-chick. That said, my next thought is always the same….what the hell are you going to do when your 65?

I have a thing for the “Ink.” Majority of my ex-boyfriends have had at least one if not more glistening over their biceps. Some more than others. Even those that were in respectable high powered positions were dawning some sort of “ink,” on or near their “gluteus maximus.” Hidden from the world but entirely for “my viewing pleasure.” Well mine & whomever those choose to tell their secret.

My sister, a kindergarten teacher, has her “Sporty Spice,” tribal band tattoo & a honkin’ medallion like creation on the other.  Hell, even my DAD went through some mid-life crisis & went out & got himself a tribal band. Although I think that more had to do with watching, “Once Were Warriors,” and trying to connect with his “island side.”

As for me? Yeahhhhh – I’ll take a pass. Personally it would just look stupid. Not sure where I stand or what category you’d put my looks in, but having a “tramp stamp,” on my lower back, I’m pretty sure isn’t on the list.

When all my friends were getting drunk & hitting the parlor at midnight (even the sorority gals and secretaries ), I always replied, “What the hell would my grandchildren think? Grandma over there – yeah, it was a bird at one time now it’s just a blot test for a psychiatrist’s couch somewhere.” Of course now, there won’t be any grandchildren to ridicule their poor elderly Nana, but it would still look goofy on me.

I’m always reminded of the Saturday Night Live skit about Turlington’s Lower Back Tattoo remover (Link), and how they made my thoughts come to life on screen.

But whether having your great-grandchildren ostracize you in your geriatric years is not an issue or you’ve got stacks of cash for laser removal….

I still think tattoos are pretty rad.

– Kate

Turlington’s Lower Back Tattoo Removal SNL


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