If I got knocked up my freshman year & had a baby, it would look like Aubrey Plaza

I love Parks & Rec but I don’t watch it religiously. A couple of episodes here & there mostly to catch me some Aziz Ansari, who’s so damn funny I can’t stand it.

I was aware of Aubrey Plaza, instantly liked her & loved her deadpan humor but never really thought past that. Until I saw “Safety Not Guaranteed.”

…”holy shit – that’s me 15 years ago.” There on the screen in front of me like 20ft high. Ten seconds after that thought crossed my mind, my then boyfriend was like…”holy shit – that’s you!…but younger.” Thanks babe.

It was very Bauder Meinhoff after that. Friends started posting on my FB page & it was interesting how people would post. “Do you know that chick on Parks & Rec totally looks like you?” “Omg – I never noticed Aubrey Plaza totally looks like you.” I’m guessing they’re thinking AGE before beauty. Hahaha.

But it really is freakishly uncanny. Except the extra 25 lbs. & 15 years but seriously – if I would have gotten impregnated at the freshman dance & had a little doppelganger…it would be Aubrey. And that’s kinda cool.

Go see “Safety Not Guaranteed.” It’s a wonderful movie.

– Kate


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