Please eat some Carbs because your breath stinks!

Everyday there’s some new fangled diet designed to help you loose weight quickly, make your bank account increase immensely & bring in the love of your life. I myself may even try all or none of these depending on my mood and hey, who doesn’t want all of the above.

But the one you’ll never catch me trying is the low-carb, no-carb, slow carb diets. Why…’cause your breath stinks. And depending the degree, everything else about you does too.

I have many a friend who have tried or are currently on some kind of restricted carb thing and I have to tell you, it’s hard to carry a conversation with them. Mostly because of the weird sour-metallic thing they got going on (aka – ketosis). Then my thoughts go to the evil. “How can your husband kiss you?” Worse are the ones when you’re standing in the latte line & your next to someone hard-core & that smell radiates out of their pores.

Believe me, I understand the need to want loose some lbs. & feel great. Especially fast & that diet does do it pretty lickedy split – but not enough for me to induce “low-carb stinkiness,”  and the ability to make my friends pass-out on site.

So to all the people who like to take things the extreme, moderation & exercise, knowing what foods no longer work with your system & putting that In & Out burger down should work.

And if that doesn’t…you can always stick your finger down your throat. But to quote Heather Chandler to Heather Duke, “Grow up Heather, bulimia is sooooo ’87.”

– Kate


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“Somebody Slipped Me A Mickey™…and I woke up middle-aged,” is about a 40-something Gen X’er who woke-up one day & couldn’t find her husband or children (probably because she forgot to have them), where she came from & where the hell she’s going. Her name may or may not be Kate & she may or may not live in the Pacific Northwest. She, for-sure is middle-aged & awesome! View all posts by somebodyslippedmeamickey

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