Chaos, Kids & a Fun Plex

I watched my sister slowly loose her patience this weekend at my nephew’s 7th Birthday Party. Ahhh, Fun Plexes – they’re like an arcade on steroids guaranteed to induce A.D.D in even to most docile of children.

We’ve been doing this ritual since my nephew’s first birthday – taking a break during year 5 & 6, when a “Dinosaur Theme Party” ruled instead & children left with gift bags. BTW – when did kids start getting “swag,” for attending parties? Damn, I missed that trend.

Bouncy houses, bowling balls,video games, go-karts & madness. You’re carted into what I think, was a restaurant & made to scarf down either cheese or pepperoni pizza (’cause kids don’t like no funky stuff on their Italian pie), all before the next “cattle car,” comes in.

Funny how all the dads showed up to chaperon their, “mini-me’s,” instead of the moms. But what dad would miss out on this? It’s like “mini-Vegas.”

It was tons of fun to see all the kids loosing their minds…and my sister too (thank God my bro-law is even keeled). See I’m “the aunt,” so these places don’t get to me because I get to hand them back to their parents once the meltdown begins and still keep all my “street cred,” in their eyes.

Oh the wonders of parents, kids & fun plexes.

Now if it was a Chuck-e-Cheese, I probably would have a different story to tell…







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