Half-Ass Halloween

I love Halloween. Ever since I was a little kid it’s been my favorite Holiday. Mothers use to basically just wait for the “herd,” to stop by and then just gently throw us into the mob of neighbor kids. There we were, begging for diabetes with someone’s 13 year old brother as our chaperon. Ahhh – the 70’s.

I trick-or-treated right up until my senior year in high school. But as a teenager it was more about the “trick” rather than the “treat,” basically dressing up in unrecognizable costumes & pranking ex-boyfriends. Giggling girls running off with our loot as shouts of, “Who are you? & my you’re quite tall!” followed us. Good times – good times.

Halloween has changed in the last few decades. No more throwing your kids to the crowd & trick-or-treating until well past bedtime. Now it’s malls and busing kids into posh hood’s because they give out “full size Snickers Bars.”

But let’s face it – Halloween really isn’t about the kids anymore – not really. It’s all about us. When else can you get loaded, look like a Hooker or a really bad Drag Queen & not be judged. I myself have already slayed 2 functions last night & have a 3rd, 4th & 5th tonight. Good luck hitting all those Kate.

Usually I get quite creative with my costumes.This year I’m kinda half-assing it. Last nights theme was “God’s & Goddesses,” and I got as far as the flowers in my hair. Knowing there was 90% chance that the “bedsheet,” I’d purchased would probably come flying off during a “cha cha,” (it was a ballroom dance party), the costume turned into a “wood nymph’ish, hippie-goddess,” kinda thing. Tonight 50’s is the theme. If I ever get off this post, we’ll see how far I get with that costume.

Isn’t it weird how things change. If you would have “ever,” told me my mom & dad were attending a Halloween Party (especially dressed as a “sexy whatever!) it would’ve freaked me out…

…now – it’s like stealing candy from kids 🙂

– Kate

Have a fun & safe Halloween!



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