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Colds are such B.S.

I’ve been M.I.A lately.  Mostly because I’ve been super busy with side gigs. And we all know if we’re going full tilt for long it’s bound to bite you, usually in the form of an annoying “cold.” 

“Colds,” seriously blow!  Basically because they don’t take you out in the form of  a full assault – like the flu, but instead annoy, like a miniature toy poodle trying to hump you leg.

It’s not really bad enough to warrant staying home from work but lame enough make you miserable while your there just watching the time tick by.


We try to kick the dog off by applying everything from home remedies, mega vitamin C doses, Echinacea (pleeezzzz – this one NEVER works),  to the tried & true, coma & freaky dream inducing, NyQuil.

…I’m a NyQuil kinda gal.

So this weekend I look forward to the following routine:

shot of N, chick-flick, sleep, wake-up, shot of N, comedy, sleep, wake-up, maybe eat?, shot of N…I should probably throw a bathroom break in there somewhere, scary movie, sleep…etc. 

– Kate



Really? And it’s only Tuesday…

4 hours of sleep.

Electronic issues at work.

Worked late, which led to…

a ridiculous amount of traffic.

Which led to..

Review of all bad choices I’ve made in my life.

…damn – and it’s only Tuesday.

– Kate


Who knew so many People hated Coldplay

This was my FB posting early tonight…

Waiting for Thai food & thinking. God I hate Coldplay (playing in background)…oh wait – almost as much as Maroon 5 (just starting) and the dude drumming behind me. Oh please hurry…” 

Who knew it would induce a massive eruption of posts from people who concurred with my dislike of one or both groups mentioned above.

Music is such a personal thing and your taste, is your taste. If you want to listen to Dave Matthews jam for 20 min. before the dude starts singing – have at it. I’ll take a pass. You probably don’t want to listen to my Glo-Fi or Classic Rock.

Thing is, you should be able to listen to Chris Martin (even if he named his child after a fruit) if you like, and not be ridiculed for it. Like voting. Even by someone who’s forced to listen to Kesha for the delight of her 3 yr. old niece…and sometimes she may even tap her toe.

…still hate Coldplay 😉

– Kate

(Warning…Kesha goes hedonistic in this video. Sportin’ pentagrams & lots of leather and hot bods. Hmmm – wonder what handler thought, “Yeah – we’ll go with this.” )

A Little Girl called me weird because of Frisko

Scene tonight in the local Rite Aid…

Little Girl: Mom…that girl is weird (me)

Me: (laughing to myself)

Playing in the background: Jack Wagner’s (during his Frisco/Felicia GH years), “ALL I NEED”

I couldn’t stop laughing. Basically because this kept going on in my head…


Ohhhhh, Frisko & Felicia – how we miss love affairs like yours…

– Kate

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