Colds are such B.S.

I’ve been M.I.A lately.  Mostly because I’ve been super busy with side gigs. And we all know if we’re going full tilt for long it’s bound to bite you, usually in the form of an annoying “cold.” 

“Colds,” seriously blow!  Basically because they don’t take you out in the form of  a full assault – like the flu, but instead annoy, like a miniature toy poodle trying to hump you leg.

It’s not really bad enough to warrant staying home from work but lame enough make you miserable while your there just watching the time tick by.


We try to kick the dog off by applying everything from home remedies, mega vitamin C doses, Echinacea (pleeezzzz – this one NEVER works),  to the tried & true, coma & freaky dream inducing, NyQuil.

…I’m a NyQuil kinda gal.

So this weekend I look forward to the following routine:

shot of N, chick-flick, sleep, wake-up, shot of N, comedy, sleep, wake-up, maybe eat?, shot of N…I should probably throw a bathroom break in there somewhere, scary movie, sleep…etc. 

– Kate



About somebodyslippedmeamickey

“Somebody Slipped Me A Mickey™…and I woke up middle-aged,” is about a 40-something Gen X’er who woke-up one day & couldn’t find her husband or children (probably because she forgot to have them), where she came from & where the hell she’s going. Her name may or may not be Kate & she may or may not live in the Pacific Northwest. She, for-sure is middle-aged & awesome! View all posts by somebodyslippedmeamickey

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