Interviews: You’re either full of it – or a sociopath

I had my first interview since 2001 the other day & let me tell ya, boy have things changed.

Hell, my last job was just given to me. And the one in 2001, 5-10 min. max for my interview. Now granted I’m not some executive tycoon demanding a 6-figure salary, but there is some knowledge that’s needed in the positions I’ve held. Especially my current one, which is all about audio. But it’s a small company,  it’s time to improve my skill set and no matter how much I love the position, I’m sick of wondering if my check is going to bounce.

I interviewed for a good old fashion sales position. With a traditional company’s way of interviewing. ” Throw all questions out there, give me examples, what’s your track record, I’m a Nazi, going to tear you down, build you back up again – blah blah blah.”  So exhausting. But I guess I held up. What was slated for 45 min. ended up being an hour and a half. I really wanted it – it’s nearly double my pay and well, you can pretty much write your paycheck.

…but that was yesterday.

The more I think about it, the more I think, “will I really be better in the long run?” It’s traditional sales…nothing tech or innovative about that. Granted the product line is kinda steller & the money is great but am I just taking one step back into the past in an industry I could kinda care less about anymore?

I’d say it’s a 50/50 call on how good I did. Some hits & misses. Personally, when you walk in, I know if I’m going to hire you.  I may or may not ask you a question from your past work. You can see in someone’s eyes whether “they’re in or they’re out.” One sentence tells me whether you play well with others or not. How big your ego is, or humble you are. Saying your weakness is really a positive? Please! No, really – I want to know what is so we can work on it.

I’m kinda praying some hot-shot sales person comes in from another territory & get’s it but you know how things work. Once you say “screw it!” it comes to you. In which case I’ll have to decide, “shall I go to the past with a bigger paycheck or shall I jump into the future without a safety net?”

One thing I do know is those interview questions are bullshit. Either you’re just full of shit & telling me what you think I want to hear…

…or you’re a sociopath.

– Kate




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