“Somebody Slipped Me A Mickey™…and I woke up middle-aged,” is about a 40-something Gen X’er who woke-up one day & couldn’t find her husband or children (probably because she forgot to have them), where she came from & where the hell she’s going. Her name may or may not be Kate & she may or may not live in the Pacific Northwest. She, for-sure is middle-aged & awesome!

Email: somebodyslippedmeamickey@gmail.com 

Copyright© 2012 – Somebody Slipped Me a Mickey…and I woke up Middle-Aged – All Rights Reserved


3 responses to “About

  • TarekOfCairo

    This is refreshing look at the basics .. raw emotions … with a witty humor … I will looking around if you allow me … Thank you

    • somebodyslippedmeamickey

      Many thanks! Feel free to to “roam the grounds!” And might I add, what a snazzy blog you have (love the “about” video). Very interesting life you have my friend. If I was the “master of time,” I would gladly give another century to live out more of your dreams. Thanks for finding me 🙂

      • TarekOfCairo

        Thank you dear .. and I sincerely hope you got the job of “master of time” … I will then negociate this “century” voucher .. A bit greedy I am … To be honest , every day dreams keep sprouting and every step carries hope so how can we have enough … Thanks again for the sweet comment .. yet another gem in my way …

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