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Heaven looks to me like a Roller Skating Rink

There’s many thoughts of what happens to you when you die. Some think, “I’m dead – I’m buried – I’m in the ground.” End of story. I’d like to think you go back to some of the most happy times in your life.

That for me – would be the local Roller Rink. Many a weekend from the 5th grade on, that’s where you’d find me. I lived for skating. I saved my paper route money so I could by my first pair of skates which came from Sears. More money to replace the wheels – White lightnings.

Then, after much savings & what seemed like a very long layaway plan, my first pair of speed skates. Riedell Boots – Century Plates & Black Labeta Wheels. Never was a girl more proud…or broke! $200 was a lot back in 1980.

Reverse skate, shooting the duck, speed races, couples only – yes, those were glorious time.

Yes, I’d like to think I get to spend a couple of decades there before I move on to what’s next…

…especially if I gotta come back here 😉

– Kate


Thrift Store

I’ve always loved vintage clothing. Long before Mad Men was popular my little sister & I were hitting up local Goodwill’s & Value Villages looking for some “old ladies,” discarded hand-knitted sweater or fur coat.

As I got older, my job positions had me sporting a more tailored look. And because I was in retail & merchandising – I got a lot of free clothing.  But it’s been over 3 years now since I left that world & entered a new profession. One where I’m in an office all day, sitting at a computer.

…and then I got fat. Well – fatter. I’m still within BMI, but just barely. And all those beautiful clothes no longer fit. Coming from a world where I use to get stuff for free or at most – cost, I was damned if I was going to pay full price for anything.

So back I went to the “thrift store.”  Mostly on a hunt for jeans. And what jeans I found. Seems all the “leisure housewives,” in my hood, happen to like to give their $300 jeans to the Goodwill up the street & that particular store never has a clue of the treasure they have because they always seem to be priced around…ohhh – $12.99.

…and where that secret booty lies – I’ll never tell 😉

– Kate


Macklamore & Ryan Lewis are currently on on Tour.  You don’t want to miss it!

Please eat some Carbs because your breath stinks!

Everyday there’s some new fangled diet designed to help you loose weight quickly, make your bank account increase immensely & bring in the love of your life. I myself may even try all or none of these depending on my mood and hey, who doesn’t want all of the above.

But the one you’ll never catch me trying is the low-carb, no-carb, slow carb diets. Why…’cause your breath stinks. And depending the degree, everything else about you does too.

I have many a friend who have tried or are currently on some kind of restricted carb thing and I have to tell you, it’s hard to carry a conversation with them. Mostly because of the weird sour-metallic thing they got going on (aka – ketosis). Then my thoughts go to the evil. “How can your husband kiss you?” Worse are the ones when you’re standing in the latte line & your next to someone hard-core & that smell radiates out of their pores.

Believe me, I understand the need to want loose some lbs. & feel great. Especially fast & that diet does do it pretty lickedy split – but not enough for me to induce “low-carb stinkiness,”  and the ability to make my friends pass-out on site.

So to all the people who like to take things the extreme, moderation & exercise, knowing what foods no longer work with your system & putting that In & Out burger down should work.

And if that doesn’t…you can always stick your finger down your throat. But to quote Heather Chandler to Heather Duke, “Grow up Heather, bulimia is sooooo ’87.”

– Kate

Apocalyptic Pretty

Currently I’m watching the new show, “Revolution.” I’d love to tell you it’s because of its awesome story lines & excellent caliber of acting, but mostly it’s narcissistic reasons. Mainly because one of the lead character’s an old buddy of one of my ex-boyfriend’s & I like to torture myself by having a constant reminder that, “you’ll never be more important than his film,” blasted at me for an hour each week…never date a director, especially an “Indy” one.

Anyway, I’m watching the screen & the protagonist, Charlie comes on the screen. All I could think was, “Isn’t it funny how everybody looks so pretty post Apocalyptic?” 

That’s right! ” The Walking Dead, Falling Skies, Jericho, Survivors…” oh and “Lost,” we can’t forget (or at least I can’t) how pretty Ian Somerhalder is. Swoon.

Ok, so “Lost,” may not be post-apocalyptic, but every day amenities are not readily available.  I always think stuff like, “Wow, where do you get your brows waxed or those clam shells sure do a damn good job at shaving his chest!” I even think, “wow, I’d like to loot some of those abandon stores for those outfits they’re wearing.” 

I wonder if we’d tune-in if everyone was skanky every week? All chicks had hairy armpits ala Nena 1983 & the leading man’s teeth were rotten & half missing?

hmmm, I gather probably not. We like realism – kinda –  in our movies (think Mad Max, Thunderdome & all that stinky glory coming through the screen), but not so much on a weekly basis.

Well, if it does go to hell in a hand-basket, I don’t know if I want to make through…I don’t know if I can keep up with the pretty 😉

– Kate

Heather Artena Hughes

Heather Artena Hughes

A very sad day today with passing of a beloved Seattle actress. You may remember her as the dazzling Debbie & her hilarious dabbling into early 90’s video dating in the movie, “Singles.”

This morning, Heather Artena Hughes lost her battle with cancer, just shy of her 45th birthday. A tremendous loss for the city of Seattle & the theater community. You will be missed…

– Kate

(link above to The Stranger Slog & scene from Singles)


I found Matt Koval when I was working on a radio segment that covered new media, web series, shorts on the internet, etc. I came across this short film, which is very different from his hilarious web series, “The Fuplers.”

I encourage you all to take 4 min. out of your day & watch this powerful short film in remembrance of all those who perished that fateful day 11 years ago.
I cry every time I watch…

Glee Ruined the 80’s aka No more 80’s Themed Parties Please!

Now I liked Glee when it first came out. How could you not. The combination of genius Ryan Murphy & brilliant casting of Jane Lynch made it refreshing, hilarious & wonderful. But by season 2, I think most of us were over it. At least I was. Instead of enjoyment & reminiscing to songs from Journey & The Pretenders, I started, “not believing,” I’d ever love those songs again.

Which brings me to “80’s Themed Parties.” Nobody loved the 80’s more than I did. I was at the top of my game. High School, popular, happy & still able to scarf down 2 or more Big Mac’s while maintaining an anorexic’s dream weight (no hurling needed). But by my senior year I was more than happy to let go & move on with my life. The 90’s were here & grunge was in. I traded in my neon for flannel, cut-off baggy 501’s over tights & Combat Boots. No more need to primp all day just throw on some grungy clothes and I was ready.  All to the soundtrack of Soundgarden, L7 & 7 year Bitch. Matter-of-fact, Cameron Crowe and the movie, “Singles,” summed it up best.  I was Bridget Fonda, chasing the wrong guys, waiting for them to call, all while thinking I was an old maid at 23.

But no sooner had I left the 80’s, that I started getting invites to “80’s themed parties & it hasn’t stopped. There isn’t a month that goes by that there’s not an “80’s BBQ or Roller Skating Party.” What shall I pull out of my hat this time? Madonna inspired or perhaps I’ll be a “Prep” this time & rock the pastel Izod & boat shoes? I’m running out of ideas. Plus it took a long time to get ready in the 80’s. Did I really spend an hour or more on make-up & hair back then? It takes a while to tease those bangs right.

But my fellow “Gen Xer’s,” just don’t want to give it up. I’ve had 20 years of 80’s themed parties. It’s time to AT LEAST move on to the 90’s. Plus I’d like to bust out my velvet baby doll dresses & some Doc Martens….maybe listen to some “Thowing Muses.”



(photo: from the movie Singles on )

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