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Living in the Past

I never thought it would happen, but alas it has. The regret of middle-age. All our bad decisions brought to the forefront. Currently I feel as if I’m going through the “stages of death,” and this is just the manifestation of the “stages of life.” Love’s you missed out on – careers or family’s that you let go by.

I’ve been having little daydreams about what I’d change if I could go back. And if given a magic wand – what year and age would you go back to & how would you do it differently? College, High School – grade school! or perhaps only 10 years ago before a bankruptcy or divorce. Would you trade in your high-speed internet for dial up or a rotary phone, if you could get another chance?

It’s kind of a fun game to play, as long as you don’t stay in the space of regret to long and remember you wouldn’t be the person currently had you not have gone through all your trials & tribulations. Which could be a good or bad thing (who knows – you might be a downright bastard right now!).

So for those that like to look at the past fondly, I found this online station It’s a UK website so some video may not work unless you’re using a VPN, but the “watch now,” works here in the states.

So have fun. Visualized, change some decisions and see what happens. It doesn’t hurt to daydream…and you just might learn something from it.

–  Kate



I forgot how sweet, “SWEET,” is!

My dear friends own the local waterhole in my neighborhood which also dawns some mean karaoke. In between sets, my friend Shaun – the DJ & another friend James, have put together the most “killer,” playlist. Songs that bring me back to being a little kid riding in back of my parents car on a Sunday outing or taking a few laps at the local roller rink.

…especially this one. Look at all that glorious 70’s hair! Super tight polyester flairs – we even got some bedazzling going on.

Oh, how sweet, “SWEET,” is.


P.S. I especially like how they flash the address at around 2:10. Remember when you could write and join Fan Clubs? I do 🙂

Who knew so many People hated Coldplay

This was my FB posting early tonight…

Waiting for Thai food & thinking. God I hate Coldplay (playing in background)…oh wait – almost as much as Maroon 5 (just starting) and the dude drumming behind me. Oh please hurry…” 

Who knew it would induce a massive eruption of posts from people who concurred with my dislike of one or both groups mentioned above.

Music is such a personal thing and your taste, is your taste. If you want to listen to Dave Matthews jam for 20 min. before the dude starts singing – have at it. I’ll take a pass. You probably don’t want to listen to my Glo-Fi or Classic Rock.

Thing is, you should be able to listen to Chris Martin (even if he named his child after a fruit) if you like, and not be ridiculed for it. Like voting. Even by someone who’s forced to listen to Kesha for the delight of her 3 yr. old niece…and sometimes she may even tap her toe.

…still hate Coldplay 😉

– Kate

(Warning…Kesha goes hedonistic in this video. Sportin’ pentagrams & lots of leather and hot bods. Hmmm – wonder what handler thought, “Yeah – we’ll go with this.” )

A Little Girl called me weird because of Frisko

Scene tonight in the local Rite Aid…

Little Girl: Mom…that girl is weird (me)

Me: (laughing to myself)

Playing in the background: Jack Wagner’s (during his Frisco/Felicia GH years), “ALL I NEED”

I couldn’t stop laughing. Basically because this kept going on in my head…


Ohhhhh, Frisko & Felicia – how we miss love affairs like yours…

– Kate

Do you ever look at your iTunes Account & think…Damn – I could be rich!

Every now & then I’ll go through my iTunes Account & organize my music. Well – sort of. When you have over 100 gb of music, movies & podcasts – it can be a bit tedious. But I’m always amazed & how much music I’ve purchased over the years…and that’s only on this computer.

Ahhh – iTunes – what a wonderful invention. You’re just one click away from all your favorite music. “Hey, I just heard a groovy tune on, “Teen Wolf,” (don’t judge!). I’ll look that up real quick because someone, somewhere has already posted on a blog in Sweden, the name & group – Wahh- La! Instant dance party in your living room.

I love it! And kinda hate it at the same time. One for taking my hard earned cash but really for taking my memory!

Gone are the days when I remembered a bands name & favorite songs. Friends ask me all the time about music because I use to be a “music whore.” Always searching for new music, going to concerts, etc. Scavenging record store after record store for some British Pop Synth Band that had one hit in ’83 that was only played in a Birmingham Disco.

Now I just say, “Yep, that’s a good tune. Got it on my iPod somewhere.” Because now, it’s just so easy.

Hear it – look it up – download – done! 

I may listen over & over, then the information will stick…most of the time, but more times then not, I’ll get sick of my playlist – explore the rest of what my gigabytes have to offer & realize, “Oh yeah – already bought that song. Forgot about that one.”

Still absolutely love music & the new music out today is better than ever…I just can’t remember what’s the name of that band 😉

– Kate

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