I forgot how sweet, “SWEET,” is!

My dear friends own the local waterhole in my neighborhood which also dawns some mean karaoke. In between sets, my friend Shaun – the DJ & another friend James, have put together the most “killer,” playlist. Songs that bring me back to being a little kid riding in back of my parents car on a Sunday outing or taking a few laps at the local roller rink.

…especially this one. Look at all that glorious 70’s hair! Super tight polyester flairs – we even got some bedazzling going on.

Oh, how sweet, “SWEET,” is.


P.S. I especially like how they flash the address at around 2:10. Remember when you could write and join Fan Clubs? I do 🙂


Interviews: You’re either full of it – or a sociopath

I had my first interview since 2001 the other day & let me tell ya, boy have things changed.

Hell, my last job was just given to me. And the one in 2001, 5-10 min. max for my interview. Now granted I’m not some executive tycoon demanding a 6-figure salary, but there is some knowledge that’s needed in the positions I’ve held. Especially my current one, which is all about audio. But it’s a small company,  it’s time to improve my skill set and no matter how much I love the position, I’m sick of wondering if my check is going to bounce.

I interviewed for a good old fashion sales position. With a traditional company’s way of interviewing. ” Throw all questions out there, give me examples, what’s your track record, I’m a Nazi, going to tear you down, build you back up again – blah blah blah.”  So exhausting. But I guess I held up. What was slated for 45 min. ended up being an hour and a half. I really wanted it – it’s nearly double my pay and well, you can pretty much write your paycheck.

…but that was yesterday.

The more I think about it, the more I think, “will I really be better in the long run?” It’s traditional sales…nothing tech or innovative about that. Granted the product line is kinda steller & the money is great but am I just taking one step back into the past in an industry I could kinda care less about anymore?

I’d say it’s a 50/50 call on how good I did. Some hits & misses. Personally, when you walk in, I know if I’m going to hire you.  I may or may not ask you a question from your past work. You can see in someone’s eyes whether “they’re in or they’re out.” One sentence tells me whether you play well with others or not. How big your ego is, or humble you are. Saying your weakness is really a positive? Please! No, really – I want to know what is so we can work on it.

I’m kinda praying some hot-shot sales person comes in from another territory & get’s it but you know how things work. Once you say “screw it!” it comes to you. In which case I’ll have to decide, “shall I go to the past with a bigger paycheck or shall I jump into the future without a safety net?”

One thing I do know is those interview questions are bullshit. Either you’re just full of shit & telling me what you think I want to hear…

…or you’re a sociopath.

– Kate








…for juuuuussst a little bit longer. But I shall be returning soon. One thing I can say is, “I’m sure glad 2013 is here & the Mayans were wrong. But really, who’s gonna believe a race that made sport out of sacrificing their own kind…

– Kate

48 Hours…not the movie!

While at my favorite watering hole on Friday night, the owner told me, “Hey, Kate – Macy’s is open for the next 48 hours if you’ve still got some shopping to do.” I quickly whipped out my phone to check their website in disbelief of my ears. Sure as hell, there in digital before my eyes, proof that some executive had lost their mind.

After closing down Karaoke, I decided why the hell not? Basically I just wanted to say I had been someplace that wasn’t a Walmart or 7-11 at 2 am.

As I pulled up to a nearly vacant parking lot, I still couldn’t believe it but alas the doors magically opened.

I walked in to a neatly straightened store & one crazy lady shopper to my right, frantically trying on winter coats searching for that super sale. I wonder what her husband thought when she said, “Honey, I’m hitting the mall,” at what was well past the witching hour.

What would have been a shopaholics dream, was kind of my dilemma. Where do you start? I had most of my Christmas shopping done & anything else I needed was resided at a BevMo or a chocolate shop. I was basically there for the novelty.

Checking out the premises, occasionally passing by half-dazed workers I heard someone say, “Hey, gorgeous – where’ve you been hiding?” Expecting to see some weirdo, I realized it was Liz – someone I worked with about 15 years ago. She was more than ecstatic to have someone to talk to and pass the time, with what was going to be a very very long night/morning.

We caught up on the last decade & I ended up buying earrings & a bracelet. Not because they were extraordinary or anything, but basically because anyone who was working at this hour who wasn’t a truck driver or nurse, deserved a sale.

As I was exiting I passed the only other people I saw that morning.  A drunk couple, who I gather was there for the same reason as I – the novelty. Except they had intoxication as an excuse, I had none other than…


– Kate



Colds are such B.S.

I’ve been M.I.A lately.  Mostly because I’ve been super busy with side gigs. And we all know if we’re going full tilt for long it’s bound to bite you, usually in the form of an annoying “cold.” 

“Colds,” seriously blow!  Basically because they don’t take you out in the form of  a full assault – like the flu, but instead annoy, like a miniature toy poodle trying to hump you leg.

It’s not really bad enough to warrant staying home from work but lame enough make you miserable while your there just watching the time tick by.


We try to kick the dog off by applying everything from home remedies, mega vitamin C doses, Echinacea (pleeezzzz – this one NEVER works),  to the tried & true, coma & freaky dream inducing, NyQuil.

…I’m a NyQuil kinda gal.

So this weekend I look forward to the following routine:

shot of N, chick-flick, sleep, wake-up, shot of N, comedy, sleep, wake-up, maybe eat?, shot of N…I should probably throw a bathroom break in there somewhere, scary movie, sleep…etc. 

– Kate




Really? And it’s only Tuesday…

4 hours of sleep.

Electronic issues at work.

Worked late, which led to…

a ridiculous amount of traffic.

Which led to..

Review of all bad choices I’ve made in my life.

…damn – and it’s only Tuesday.

– Kate



Who knew so many People hated Coldplay

This was my FB posting early tonight…

Waiting for Thai food & thinking. God I hate Coldplay (playing in background)…oh wait – almost as much as Maroon 5 (just starting) and the dude drumming behind me. Oh please hurry…” 

Who knew it would induce a massive eruption of posts from people who concurred with my dislike of one or both groups mentioned above.

Music is such a personal thing and your taste, is your taste. If you want to listen to Dave Matthews jam for 20 min. before the dude starts singing – have at it. I’ll take a pass. You probably don’t want to listen to my Glo-Fi or Classic Rock.

Thing is, you should be able to listen to Chris Martin (even if he named his child after a fruit) if you like, and not be ridiculed for it. Like voting. Even by someone who’s forced to listen to Kesha for the delight of her 3 yr. old niece…and sometimes she may even tap her toe.

…still hate Coldplay 😉

– Kate

(Warning…Kesha goes hedonistic in this video. Sportin’ pentagrams & lots of leather and hot bods. Hmmm – wonder what handler thought, “Yeah – we’ll go with this.” )

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