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I’m letting you In – so you best WAVE…you dick!

I’m a super courteous driver – well, most of the time. But one thing I NEVER fail to do, is give a nice “thank you,” wave when you let my super plain, Silver Nissan Altima in front of you. Gaining me, “perhaps,” a crucial 10 seconds of traffic time. And who doesn’t love getting that acknowledgment from a complete stranger. That “hey – I did something good today!” Don’t deny it – you know you secretly smile when it happens.

But currently I live in the city of “Hipster Hell & High-tech,” which basically equals Aspergers. Don’t get me wrong, I love Hipsters as much as any other (I was once one myself), but please take a “how to interact with humans class.” You’re aloof’ness & inability to say, “thank you,” is not appreciated.But it’s not only those of a “skinny jean & rockabilly type.” Soccer Mom’s on cell phones (bad driver!) & 50’something erectile dysfunctional men, seem to be of the “not waving,” type. How do I know they have “erectile dysfunction?” Porsche’s & Beemers seem to be the calling cards.

So next time you need to change lanes, give you’re fellow motorist friendly wave when they let you in. You’ll make strangers day much better 😉

– Kate



Rage Against The Road

Seattle Times Article Yancy Noll

Nothing can screw-up your day faster than an a-hole weaving in & out of traffic all horns a blazed. Secretly I point my fingers & throwing a voodoo curse on them, hoping a cop will pull their ass over & give ’em a huge ticket.

But last week something happened that makes you think twice about how you handle these, “Rage Against the Road’ers.” Near my neighborhood (actually VERY near), a gentleman, Yancy Noll, was shot, believed to be the victim of Road Rage. Nobody knows quite what happened in the moments before the shooting. Did he accidently cut the driver off? Was he going to slow for the shooter’s liking? Perhaps just honked his horn at him. None of these things are reasons to loose one’s life.

So people, before you lay on that horn & realize you just freaked out a 70 year old lady or think that you need recklessly weave in & out of traffic to get to that appointment, take a breath. Life will go on if you’ve been delayed a few minutes in traffic but it might not if you decided to let your temper take over…

– Kate

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